July 2018 News

HALIMA: We were approached by Julie Hepworth, Founder of Water for Africa, Australia to help a young 14 year old girl from Mafinga. Halima fell in a fire a few years ago, abandoned by her mother, her father dead, lived with her elderly grandmother. She is terribly burnt, has several epileptic fits per day and there other medical problems. She has undergone three plastic surgery operations sponsored by them for her eyelid, a neck  release and the most recent on her hand to enable her to use her fingers.  We are pleased to let you know we were very happy to include her in the Children’s Village to receive the love and care she so deserves and needs.

She has now been with us for almost a month. Sheree, our volunteer nurse, has taken her to the Unilever Hospital for tests to get her medications up to date. She lived with her elderly grandmother who was unable to care for her nor afford her medications, so was being neglected. Halima needs a lot of help with feeding, cleansing and dressing and now has a full time carer to look after her. She is a special girl who comes ‘alive’ with company, she does miss her grandmother but we will make sure she gets to see her! In the meantime, if you would like updates on her progress please let us know.

LOUISVILLE UNIVERSITY, KANSAS MEDICAL STUDENTS27 University of Louisville Medical students arrived at the Children’s Village, including a few tutors. They stayed at the Volunteer houses which created quite a challenge for electricity, water, transport and translators. This is the fifth year running they have been, the biggest group yet, together with 45 bags of medical items which will certainly boost our stocks. 

They are an amazing group of people and they made a tremendous difference to those who needed medical attention in outreach villages. At the few clinics spread over a very large area covering over 35,000 villagers, there are only medical officers, no doctors. To have so many doctors treating the patients that kept coming was not only rewarding but a huge benefit to Mufindi.

The Medics used three local clinics, Mdabulo, Igoda and one at the Children’s Village, they also went into remote villages and set up clinics in the school rooms.  

There were three Dentists amongst them who used the Dental Clinic set up by Dr Bodil Sandin at the Mdabulo Hospital. There are no dentists in this very rural area except when Dr Bodil goes for a few months of the year and the Dentists without Borders that she organizes a couple of times whilst she is in residence. They treated hundreds of children and many adults.

A HUGE thank you to each and every one of those medics and Water for Africa Au. for sponsoring Halima. 


T H A N K   Y O U    for your amazing help – we’re now well on our way to providing the children with the bedding they need. Please share so we can give them ALL a good night’s sleep!
Buy a child a mattress, give a pillow to rest their weary heads, a blanket for the cold nights of winter.
£ 25.00 = a new mattress
£ 10.00 = a pair of sheets
£ 6.50 = a blanket
£ 5.00 = 2 pillows
Please help. DONATE NOW

‘Goodnight, Sleep Tight’

New Bedding Needed For A ‘GOOD NIGHT – SLEEP TIGHT’

Our family of 60 orphaned and vulnerable children, aged from just 4 months, go to 
school and nursery, they play and help their house Mamas with jobs. They get very 
tired by the end of the day but their bedding and mattresses are now old and 
uncomfortable. They need to be replaced through local sources, so we are asking 
if you can help in getting them some new bedding. Buy a child a mattress, give a 
pillow to rest their weary heads, a blanket for the cold nights of winter. 
£ 25.00 = a new mattress 
£ 10.00 = a pair of sheets
£ 6.50 = a blanket 
£ 5.00 = 2 pillows 

Orphans in the Wild ( UK Reg 1113719) supports the Igoda Children’s Village in Mufindi 
Tanzania, which is run by Foxes NGO. This small, locally based NGO has done an 
amazing  job over the past twelve years and all donations are used directly on the 
ground in Tanzania for the benefit of the children. If you would like to know more, 
please contact us. 

Please also share this post with as many friends/contacts as you can.
Thank you for your help

Our Visit to Mufindi – February/ March 2018

A short diary of Julia Ostler’s and my visit to Mufindi Feb/March 2018. We Thoroughly enjoyed it, had lots of interaction with the Kindergarten, babies, had chats with the older children about their likes, dislikes and ambitions, went out with Doctors Leena Inkeri Pasanen and Bodil Sandin on their outreach visits so we could see and understand the difficulties of the villagers, got lots of statistics etc for grant applications etc. We had the most wonderful welcome from the house mamas with lots of hugs. Our house mama in the volunteer house looked after us really well and is an amazing cook, would love to know how she cooked all those veggies to taste like they did! What a fantastic place the Children’s Village is and would like to thank all the local Tanzanians who care for the children, who do all office work, livestock, vegetable/fruit fields and new Greenhouse tunnel not forgetting all of you who support us one way or another. Patricia Marion Gough OITW Trustee.

DIARY-NEWSLETTER February -March 2018

Crowle 10K Run by Gemma Cheetham

Thank you so much Gemma for sponsoring The Children’s Village, especially as you haven’t been running that long and it was your first official race achieving a good race time too !

You have raised £285 which will go a long way in Tanzania. The children get a mug of very nutritious porridge like mug of Uji daily at 10 a.m. which costs £6 per month. Uji consists: Ground Maize, Millet, Rice, Peanuts, sometimes Soya Beans, Sugar boiled in Water. https://orphansinthewild.org/gift-vouchers/

Well done Gemma!

The entrepreneurial older boys at the Children’s Village!


The older boys in House No 3 have started their own chickens project by building themselves a chicken banda behind the house. They are learning to care for the chickens, hatching eggs and selling the odd cockerel with a view to boosting their earning skills for their independence etc. and enjoying their pocket money!

Another individual project by young enterprising, Fanuelle, growing pine trees and vegetables from seed and then selling them to local villagers and he also goes to the monthly travelling market with Joseph, his House Guardian.  Joseph is also the Children’s Village Social Welfare Officer and Counsellor.


Thank you!

Apologies for the website to be down, it was a difficult technical problem which has been solved now thanks to our ~Webmaster Pete, Host Bruce and Robin.

Thank you (Asante) for your support, it’s much appreciated.

2017 Christmas Cards for Sale






I’m delighted to say I’ve had to order some more Christmas cards again so if you would like to place your order, details below, I can get them sent to you straight away. Thank you for all your support.

Simple message inside: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
100% profit goes to the Children’s Village (orphanage)
Artwork kindly sponsored by Lizzie Gough
Pack of 10 Cards – two designs in each pack @ £4.75 + UK Postage :

1 pack x £1.22 second class; £1.30 first class
2/3 packs x £1.58 second class; £1.74 first class
4 packs x £2.14 second class; £2.52 first class
5/6 packs x £2.90 second class; £3.40 first class
7/8 packs x £2.90 second class; £5.50 first class

Payment by Bank transfer: OITW
Sort Code: 30 93 48 A/C: 04870688
please put ‘surname-cards’ for the reference.
Or through: https://www.goldengiving.com/charity/orphansinthewild

Orphans in the Wild Urgent Appeal

This emergency appeal is to help us cover a transition between major long term sponsorships.

This appeal is for them and their future.

Your amazing support has helped to keep them safe. Now is the time to secure their future.

A helping hand is all they need

A hand up not a hand out

These are some of the first children to come to our village; today they are thriving, attending school, learning how to look after themselves when they grow up and, help their communities prosper.

A little from you – a one off donation – a regular monthly sum – however much you can manage will make a real and lasting difference to these young lives.

Our goal is £25,000. Your gift today will be their tomorrow.

Thank you!