News from Mufindi, Tz to September 2022

HALIMA UPDATE: She has recovered really well from her surgery and skin graft in Moshi, Northern Tanzania late 2021. Well done Halima, you have come a long way and a huge thanks for her care at the ICV. To read Halima’s brief history please click on this link:

PREMATURE BABY: This is little Helena who arrived prematurely, weighing 1kg on 24th May 2022, shown here with her aunt. Our Milk Powder Program has saved her life as mama was unable to provide sufficient milk for her. She has been monitored regularly and on 9th August, she weighed 4.5 kgs. Her family has done well getting her to this stage as there are no facilities for these tiny babies in Mufindi.


Having fun with new balls some visitors brought for the ICV, Hezron too, he always enjoys playing ball. Thank you!

YAM PROJECT – Youth Agency Mufindi: Five Mechanical students have joined the YAM project familiarising themselves with insides of an engine.

  • Three day Training of 170 caregivers in disability issues and highlighting the taboos surrounding the ‘invisible disabled’.

  • Assessment of older disabled youth for Rehab needs, some of whom will attend the program for employment of disabled.

  • The next 2 events were a conference and youth event which was held on 22nd and 23rd September with the dual aim of highlighting the livelihood impacts from teenage pregnancies and also HIV awareness.

  • Once the report comes in from the latest disabled assessment (they followed up on previous batches of disabled children who already underwent Rehab this and last year at the same time as the Disabled Youth) then we will know what the Rehab requirements are.

  • The boy who is suffering from  gangrene legs is still in hospital, the medical team is still working very hard to save them.
    The conference speeches have English subtitles.  During the speech, breeding was mentioned, this was mistranslated from what should have been livestock keeping!

  • A song about life without HIV is possible:
     Young people describe how the YAM project benefits them:

IGODA CLINIC EXTENSION, plus the medical staff accommodation is progressing very well now.  With great appreciation to our very generous Belgium sponsor who is going to visit Mufindi mid October, with his grandson, to see this extension for themselves.

Thank you for your continued support, it really means a lot to the children and us all in Mufindi
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