News from Igoda Village, Mufindi, Tz up to June 2023

CORONATION SAIL: In April, 76yr Richard Kerswell started his Coronation Sail Around Ireland in aid of Igoda Children’s Village.  Last year he successfully went around GB sailing 2,570 nautical miles for funds for Covid vaccination for the third world and Orphans in the Wild. This year, he set off from Penzance to the Scilly Isles, over the Celtic Sea to Waterford sailing around anticlockwise and is now moored at Portnablagh. We would like to wish him good sailing and a big thank you for this enormous effort for the children. If you would like to become part of his journey by donating, please click on this link:



MOHAMED AKANDU: You may remember back in December we had sent baby Mohamed to an eye hospital for an operation to help him see.

fbid=10158515419181157&set=pcb.10158515422536157 We are delighted to report that he has recently been assessed and now has spectacles to help his vision. He has accepted them well and doesn’t try to take the off.

The children were given a special Sunday treat of biscuits and wanted to share this lovely photo with you!

NEW WATER PUMP: Mufindi, situated in the Tanzanian Southern Highlands, is very remote and hilly with water not readily available. There is a small stream at the bottom of the valley from where the

water is pumped up into tanks to each of the 8 ICV houses. Their water pump recently broke down so new equipment had to be bought. Many thanks to Hans Lottering and Nadrick, the maintenance handyman, who have fitted the new equipment, saving such a steep climb with buckets, thank you!

JUNE TIDY UP: June is the month when there is a big tidy up of the area around the ICV and here shown are Tula, Mileni, Eliza, Zauda, Love and Faraja giving a helping hand.

MILK FORMULA PROGRAM: Several babies have joined the Milk Formula Program for various reasons, many because the mother is mentally/physically ill or unable to breast feed, some mothers have passed away and the family have taken the babies on and need help to be able to get the milk formula. Some babies stay at the ICV in the Baby House until such time the family is in a position to care for them.  

Milk Formula is not readily available in Mufindi; very few are able to afford the expense of it even when available. St Pius the 10th Church in Bristol raises funds to be able to help with this project for which we are extremely grateful. With huge thanks to Sally Taylor who makes and sells hundreds of jams and cakes and organises events etc.

Thank you
For your continuing support and also those who donate on a regular basis, the Igoda Children’s Village wouldn’t be here without you. We really appreciate it.

If you would like to be part of the ICV, please click on the donate button, all donations, any size, is greatly appreciated.

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