Skills training & Youth with Disabilities Employment: The 3rd cohort of 100 young beneficiaries benefited from the training (Psychosocial, mindset, entrepreneurship, agricultural, followed by 5 months of apprenticeship training). We also included the annual Youth Football tournament for all 16 villages to make it more fun and encourage participation in YAM. In addition a further 40 Girls plus 26 Youth with Disabilities participated in the short courses 15 days PFP Forestry training in Mafinga. Last year FCWC YAM funded 50 Girls to participate. So we have almost doubled the project plan requirement for girls to receive this training

Both the Sewing school and Carpentry School are equipped and up and running though inevitably we will face teething problems. The sewing graduates’ skills were sufficient to dress Geoff and Vicky Fox plus Laura & Nathalie from Deaconess who were all present in their new attire for the occasion!

Probably our biggest challenge for 2024 will be getting Youth with Disabilities placed with Employers. We succeeded with the first 3 Youth with Disabilities with the PFP Forestry project in Mafinga but we still have a long way to go. Mufindi Tea Company have shown a lot of interest but not so far Liptons (formerly Brooke Bond, Unilever and then Eketerra) as they only recently took over so the decision making has not been delegated to those in Mufindi.

Disability Rehabilitation: Perhaps the biggest achievement of all by YAM to date is the assessment of a number of children and youths with Disabilities with subsequent treatment and rehabilitation at INUKA and beyond where referral was required in Mbeya, Iringa, and Moshi.

1st Cohort, 20th March 2023 for three weeks, 25 children and 36 youths with disabilities attended rehabilitation and treatment at INUKA. They included 11 youngsters with disabilities who were referred to Mbeya and KCMC (Moshi) hospitals for specialist treatment
2nd Cohort, 10th to 23rd July 2023, 11 children + 42 youths attended rehabilitation for 2 weeks. 11 were required to return to INUKA again.
3rd Cohort. 5th to 18th December2023, 21 children and 3 youths with disabilities attended rehabilitation for 2 weeks. The total 24 is of the 47 identified needing treatment. Of these 24 there were 10 new patients and 14 who received follow up treatment at INUKA hospital.
With all of these three cohorts many of them were provided with supportive devices including wheelchairs, toilet seats, stand and corner chairs, standing frames and walking frames in addition to medication and other treatments.


Piglet distribution: The first 2 cohorts of 180 young beneficiaries received 360 piglets (2 piglets per beneficiary) plus piglet vaccination and starter food during the last couple of years with this continued for the 3rd Cohort of 100 beneficiaries this year immediately after their Agricultural training. Unfortunately 15 piglets died so only 185 piglets were distributed to this latest cohort. (total so far 545 piglets). We aim that this project will, to some extent, revolve to help purchase other livestock, equipment and inputs for beneficiaries. 

Annual Event: also a highlight was held in September, this time to help break down barriers faced by People with Disabilities (our previous events tackled HIV awareness/stigma and the problem of Teenage pregnancies) and the event coincided with the opening/handing over of the Igoda Village Clinic so the turn out for the combined event was huge. Guests of honour were the District Council Chairman, Festo Mgina & District CCM Chairman, George Kavenuke leading a District delegation of 8 DED representatives, 11 Mufindi District ward councillors (not just our 3 wards), and all the 16 villages were represented including village chairmen (past and present), VEOs, WEOs, 8 Primary and Secondary school headmasters and of course FCWC trustees (Mona-Liza Lottering, Nico Fox, Geoff and Vicky). Nico, Zilipa, and Adam (Luhunga ward councillor) introduced FCWC and its achievements. We surprised ourselves at FCWC as to how much has been achieved over the decades. Peter Fox was present to hand over the Igoda Clinic having overseen it’s construction! Also our partners TAPCAP, Uni of Iringa, INUKA hospital, Along with 159 VCPCs and 441 young people/beneficiaries. Geoff and Vicky Fox were presented with Certificates of Appreciation from Igoda village and the District for this and many other clinics, HIV/Aids Care/Treatment clinic, Mdabulo hospital renovation, libraries, school classrooms, girls hostel for Luhunga Secondary school, doctors & teachers accommodation etc., funded by many sponsors, and Vicky was gifted a goat that was immediately christened Yvo in recognition of his support for the Igoda Clinic!

Improving Lives and Livelihoods: Step by step we are moving in the right direction and FCWC is having a huge impact in improving lives and livelihoods in Mufindi District in so many respects, with HIV/Aids testing, Counselling/Treatment Clinic at Mdabulo and renovation of Mdabulo hospital, Clinics in Ibwanzi, Chogo, Lulanda & Igoda and numerous other examples of tangible support, but also the less tangible support such as Mona-Liza keeping an eye on the ICV and filing returns to ensure we don’t fall foul of TRA, Nico assisting with HR and liaising with authorities, the Deaconess Foundation, Helmi Neuvonen, and Mufindi Friends in Finland: Riitta, Dr Leena & her team of HBCs, Johannes coordination of donors with expenditure and fundraising support especially from the Berglar Foundation who have been a mainstay for FCWC, Merck Family, Mufindin Ystävät, Yvo Vanderlinen, Sam Sofya, St Pius 10th Church, local churches in Mufindi, numerous individual donors, visitors with donations of consumer items, Marion’s infinite energy fundraising via OITW in the UK and also the other OITW trustees education sponsorship, INUKA hospital rehab, skills’ training, Chris with the Mufindi rainforest protection, Hans, Mona-Liza, and Peter with installing the Hydro funded by the substantial generosity of the Merck Family Foundation etc., etc. the list goes on and on…..) which is something everyone from all the supporting donors to those on the ground at FCWC should be proud of!

Foxes Community & Wildlife Conservation has now been running for almost 20 years!
Thank you, Bruce Fox
(FCWC & OITW Trustee)

VCPC – Village Protection Children’s Committee; PFP – Private Forestry Programme ); CCM – Chama Cha Mapinduzi – Dominant Ruling Party; DED – District Executive Officer; VEO – Village Executive Officer and WEO – Ward Executive Officer.





It is with great appreciation and thanks for for following fundraising efforts, their donations will certainly make a great difference.

Richard Kerswell continued to sail around Ireland raising funds for the children at the ICV since our last newsletter and completed his efforts on the 15th October. He started sailing on the 26th April leaving Penzance, over the Irish sea to Waterford and around Ireland anticlockwise, clocking up 1706 nm £836 so far. He has met amazing supportive people; battled some very rough seas; had torrential rain and very high winds but also glorious sunny days too; seen some wonderful sea life and beautiful scenery. The donation page is still open for donations.

Mark Brunsdon and his team, on the 16th September, rowed in the London Marathon’s Great River Race which is 21.6 miles up the Thames from Millwall in the east to Richmond in the west. He rowed with Tamar and Tavy Gig Rowing Clubs finishing 36 out of 212 boats; 10th out of 49 gigs raising £306.25 for the children.

Lillie Hyde-Parker is also raising funds for the children by running 10k in cherished memory of Sophie Hyde-Parker who volunteered at the Children’s Village, shown, who loved her time with them as they did hers. Lillie’s run is at the end of November. So far she has raised £726.50. if you would like to support her efforts, please click on this link.

*CELEBRATION AT IGODAOn the 6th September, with great excitement, the keys to the new ward extension of the Igoda Health Clinic were officially handed over to the Igoda Village officials in the presence of Geoff and Vicky Fox, as guests of honour, and celebrated with the Mufindi District Chairman, other dignitaries, staff and villagers, at the same time the Chairman praised the efforts made by the Yam Project that is making a difference to vulnerable youth in the area. Two Certificates of Appreciation were given to Geoff and Vicky for all their support, help and efforts since 2005, they were also presented with a goat.

The building of the Igoda ward extension and furniture were made possible by the extremely generous sponsors, Yvo and Hilda from Belgium, which, without their help, would not have been possible.

The YAM (Youth Agency Mufindi), funded by the Helsinki Deaconess Foundation Institute (HDI) of Finland, is designed to support disadvantaged and vulnerable youth to solve life issues enabling them to lead dignified lives and to help take control of their lives through improved motivation, skills and opportunities”
*  *  


Congratulations to Ellia, Edwin, Kastory, Kaisa and Fanual  on their School Graduation on 19th Oct 2023.     


Helmi has been volunteering for three months at the ICV and is being exceptionally helpful. Mostly she has been working in the YAM project. At the moment, the whole project team are currently trying to find employers who would be willing to employ the youths who have disabilities in this project, visiting some companies in the nearby villages and Mafinga for discussions. She has also been helping some younger children with their evening studies, assisting the teacher in the classroom with mathematics and writing English and Swahili. She has designed a new trifold leaflet for FCWC (FoxesNGO) and for future skills, she is showing children how to knit and crochet. She will certainly be sorely missed and wish her well with her Bachelor’s degree.

Also Ella Hirsiaho, Finnish volunteer, arrived for 10 days, bringing with her a full car load of items for the ICV,  Ella came with her usual, generosity, exuberance and organised lots of games and fun the for children. She has returned now and will be sorely missed. 

Dr Leena Pasanena much loved volunteer medical doctor who has been going to the ICV for many years, has also just arrived in Mufindi and was welcomed with open arms. She will be visiting for three months, assessing medical needs, visiting those in need in outreach and meeting old friends.

Thank you

To those who are running events, raising funds for the children,
your continuing support also those who donate on a regular basis, the Igoda Children’s Village wouldn’t be there without you, we really appreciate it

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News from Igoda Village, Mufindi, Tz up to June 2023

CORONATION SAIL: In April, 76yr Richard Kerswell started his Coronation Sail Around Ireland in aid of Igoda Children’s Village.  Last year he successfully went around GB sailing 2,570 nautical miles for funds for Covid vaccination for the third world and Orphans in the Wild. This year, he set off from Penzance to the Scilly Isles, over the Celtic Sea to Waterford sailing around anticlockwise and is now moored at Portnablagh. We would like to wish him good sailing and a big thank you for this enormous effort for the children. If you would like to become part of his journey by donating, please click on this link:



MOHAMED AKANDU: You may remember back in December we had sent baby Mohamed to an eye hospital for an operation to help him see.

fbid=10158515419181157&set=pcb.10158515422536157 We are delighted to report that he has recently been assessed and now has spectacles to help his vision. He has accepted them well and doesn’t try to take the off.

The children were given a special Sunday treat of biscuits and wanted to share this lovely photo with you!

NEW WATER PUMP: Mufindi, situated in the Tanzanian Southern Highlands, is very remote and hilly with water not readily available. There is a small stream at the bottom of the valley from where the

water is pumped up into tanks to each of the 8 ICV houses. Their water pump recently broke down so new equipment had to be bought. Many thanks to Hans Lottering and Nadrick, the maintenance handyman, who have fitted the new equipment, saving such a steep climb with buckets, thank you!

JUNE TIDY UP: June is the month when there is a big tidy up of the area around the ICV and here shown are Tula, Mileni, Eliza, Zauda, Love and Faraja giving a helping hand.

MILK FORMULA PROGRAM: Several babies have joined the Milk Formula Program for various reasons, many because the mother is mentally/physically ill or unable to breast feed, some mothers have passed away and the family have taken the babies on and need help to be able to get the milk formula. Some babies stay at the ICV in the Baby House until such time the family is in a position to care for them.  

Milk Formula is not readily available in Mufindi; very few are able to afford the expense of it even when available. St Pius the 10th Church in Bristol raises funds to be able to help with this project for which we are extremely grateful. With huge thanks to Sally Taylor who makes and sells hundreds of jams and cakes and organises events etc.

Thank you
For your continuing support and also those who donate on a regular basis, the Igoda Children’s Village wouldn’t be here without you. We really appreciate it.

If you would like to be part of the ICV, please click on the donate button, all donations, any size, is greatly appreciated.

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News from Igoda Children’s Village, Mufindi, Tz. to March 2023

Foxes Community & Wildlife (FCWC in Mufindi is making a big difference to disabled and vulnerable children; generously funded by the Helsinki Deaconess Foundation Institute (HDI) in Finland. This report was published in February in Tanzania by Matukio Daimaapp Iringa.

The project has started the provision of psychology education for young people under 25 years of age who come from vulnerable circumstances in three wards of Mufindi district in the Iringa region, to enable them to deal with the problems of mental stress and insomnia.

The 10 day training started early February at the Igoda Orphans Hall by bringing together 100 young people from 16 villages in the Ihanu, Mdabulo and Luhunga districts. Speaking to the young people during the opening of the training, the Chairman of the Association of Tanzania Psychological Service Providers, Dr Heriel Mfangavo, said the training is a great opportunity for the young people towards self-awareness, and getting rid of the rigid ideas of not taking progressive steps, and having ideas to move ahead. He also said that another group that needs psychological help is a group of people with disabilities, some of whom live with depression and anxiety due to the way they are. The counsellors who will work in the YAM project have been asked to identify the challenges that cause the problem of mental stress for the community of people with disabilities and find solutions. He said due to the magnitude of the problem for these young people, the training will be of great benefit to them and help get rid of dependency. He said that the YAM project is a great saviour for the Mufindi community, especially the areas that are surrounded by the project as it will help the needy community to live more happily. The issue of disability leads many people to live with mental stress and even get other mental problems.”

YAM project manager, Danford Mkumbo, said this is a four-year project being implemented by the Mufindi Council in collaboration with the Foxes Community and Wildlife Conservation through the YAM project under the funding of the Government in Finland which will benefit more than 770 young people and children in poor families in the 16 villages.

Young People From Vulnerable Environments Mufindi Begin To Be Given Psychology Education:

100 Youths had:  
13th – 27th February, 15 days of Psychosocial training by TAPCAP (Tanzanian  Association for Professional ~Counsellors and Psychotherapists). Dr Heriel &  Anastasia, UoL  (University of Iringa).
8 – 10th March, 3 days Mindset training by RLabs.
11th – 20th March, Entrepreneurship training by the UoL.
32 VCPCs (Team Village Child Protection Committees) also attended the Entrepreneurship training as they need to mentor and motivate the  100 youths when back home in their wards.

YAM organised a Football tournament which took place between youths from the three wards where they were able to relax and enjoy themselves

In Addition:
 22nd – 28th ~February, 7 days assessment of 62 disabled youths and children by INUKA. 2 representatives working with the project team. This is being followed by transporting them to INUKA for rehabilitation with others referred to various specialists in Mbeya funded by YAM.

9th – 11th February and 6th to 7th March, project management training took place, also 28th February – 2nd March, three ward level VCPC meetings to keep the VCPCs motivated and engaged.
15th – 16th March, 2 days of project management training by RLabs for surveying and analysing beneficial feedback.  

YAM SEWING SCHOOL: The students are coming along well with their studies and practice. They are now able to design and make clothes on their own, not only for themselves but for the children and staff at the ICV. They started in July 2022 and are now growing in confidence so expanding their production wider.





The Igoda Children’s Village foundations were first laid in 2005 and the NGO has grown to what it is now having transformed the education, opportunities and lives of many orphaned and vulnerable children and their foster families. Achievements are significant in the following broad areas:

 a. Orphanage and outreach:  based in a specially built ‘Children’s Village’ and outreach child care among 16 villages
b. Medical:   4 Health Centre/Clinics constructed
c. Schooling:   primary schools constructed, repaired, supplied with teaching libraries and a major girls secondary school dormitory/hostel built
d. Skills Training:   for disabled and disadvantaged young people around 16 villages – YAM (Youth Agency Mufindi)
e. Wildlife & Forestry protection:   within the montane rain forest in Mufindi


With huge thanks to everyone concerned, the Donors, ICV Staff, Outreach Volunteers, Visiting Volunteers and everyone working behind scenes that make this all happen, including all FCWCT Trustees

News from Igoda Children’s Village, Mufindi to December 2022

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and a Successful New Year!

YAM (Youth Agency Mufindi) sponsored by The Deaconess Foundation, Finland

Media reports and interviews:–RgzODzb8


  • Three days training of 170 caregivers in disability issues, far more than the original number planned, and highlighting the taboos surrounding the ‘invisible disabled’
  • Assessment of older disabled youth for Rehab needs, some of whom will attend the program for employment of disabled.
  • A conference and youth events were held with the dual aim of highlighting the livelihood impacts from teenage pregnancies and also HIV awareness 

Five mechanical students have joined the YAM project familiarising themselves with insides of an engine.

Also 50 girls are being introduced to carpentry with an assortment of plantation and management techniques, chain and circular saw management together with maintenance, timber processing, sawing for high recovery and harvesting technologies and with blade management also charcoal, briquette and fire control. They have been on a  sawmill & treatment plant tour and visited a plywood factory.

YAM tailoring students continue improving their skills,they started making sheets to get used to sewing and straight lines, and progressed recently to making school uniforms. As Christmas was looming,they made clothes for children at the Children’s village. The course lasts 6 months with some students having to bring their children with them ~ earning at an early age .

The life of 14yr old, Josephat,  has now been saved by FCWC with the support of YAM. In previous two quarterly news reports, you would have read of a battle with gangrene in the legs of a young boy.  He fell into an open fire and his legs suffered extreme burns which became infected that progressed to gangrene. They managed to save one of his gangrenous legs but eventually had to amputate his other leg. After amputation, the medical team opted for the use of prosthetics and orthotics (artificial limb). Josephat was referred on 24th October 2022) to St. Joseph Hospital, Ikelu.  His progress is being monitored and we await further news of this brave young man. At least now he has a chance in life; if FCWC had not rescued him he would have died in a matter of days. 

  The Belgium sponsor  for the news wards and staff accommodation for the Igoda Hospital, arrived in October together with his grandson to see the progress of the buildings for himself. The members of the Village Committee, FoxesNGO builders and some villagers warmly welcomed and thanked him for his generous support.  Hand his grandson also spent a little time with some of the kindergarten children at the ICV 

This is little Helena who arrived prematurely, weighing 1kg on 24th May 2022, shown here with her aunt on the 28th December. Our Milk Powder Program has saved her life as her mama was unable to provide sufficient milk, as for many other babies on MPP. She has been monitored regularly and as you can see, is coming along well. Her family has done extremely well getting her to this stage as there are no facilities for these tiny babies in Mufindi.


Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot and goes a long way for the
ICV. All funds reach the ICV in Mufindi.   All Trustees in the Uk and Tz are volunteers; the only paid staff are local Tanzanians. To donate, please click on the donate button on this website. Thank you.

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Shoes for school!

Many of the children have worn out their shoes again for the second time in 12 months! Can you imagine how many pairs all our children get through! Can you help us get them some new shoes.  The rains are due again soon and they will need dry feet! Please click on the link and donate to help raise funds.


Every little helps – please put ‘shoes’ in the comments section.

Thank you – Asante Sana!

News from Mufindi, Tz to September 2022

HALIMA UPDATE: She has recovered really well from her surgery and skin graft in Moshi, Northern Tanzania late 2021. Well done Halima, you have come a long way and a huge thanks for her care at the ICV. To read Halima’s brief history please click on this link:

PREMATURE BABY: This is little Helena who arrived prematurely, weighing 1kg on 24th May 2022, shown here with her aunt. Our Milk Powder Program has saved her life as mama was unable to provide sufficient milk for her. She has been monitored regularly and on 9th August, she weighed 4.5 kgs. Her family has done well getting her to this stage as there are no facilities for these tiny babies in Mufindi.


Having fun with new balls some visitors brought for the ICV, Hezron too, he always enjoys playing ball. Thank you!

YAM PROJECT – Youth Agency Mufindi: Five Mechanical students have joined the YAM project familiarising themselves with insides of an engine.

  • Three day Training of 170 caregivers in disability issues and highlighting the taboos surrounding the ‘invisible disabled’.

  • Assessment of older disabled youth for Rehab needs, some of whom will attend the program for employment of disabled.

  • The next 2 events were a conference and youth event which was held on 22nd and 23rd September with the dual aim of highlighting the livelihood impacts from teenage pregnancies and also HIV awareness.

  • Once the report comes in from the latest disabled assessment (they followed up on previous batches of disabled children who already underwent Rehab this and last year at the same time as the Disabled Youth) then we will know what the Rehab requirements are.

  • The boy who is suffering from  gangrene legs is still in hospital, the medical team is still working very hard to save them.
    The conference speeches have English subtitles.  During the speech, breeding was mentioned, this was mistranslated from what should have been livestock keeping!

  • A song about life without HIV is possible:
     Young people describe how the YAM project benefits them:

IGODA CLINIC EXTENSION, plus the medical staff accommodation is progressing very well now.  With great appreciation to our very generous Belgium sponsor who is going to visit Mufindi mid October, with his grandson, to see this extension for themselves.

Thank you for your continued support, it really means a lot to the children and us all in Mufindi
Please contact us if you would like ay further information

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