We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, New Year

   we would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy, healthy new year from us all at orphans in the wild (UK) and and foxes community & wildlife conservation trust  (foxesngo)  Tanzania

On 2nd October, we were very excited to welcome Dr. Leena Pasanen, our volunteer doctor back to Mufindi, the Children’s Village were delighted to see her again. Dr Leena spends six months of the year in Mufindi and then returns to her home in Finland. Her Finnish friends raised funds for her to buy clothing and shoes for the children. On the 15th another volunteer, Dr. Alex, joined her and they have spent many hours during remote outreach visits, covering many miles, treating patients in their own homes.

One gentleman, a single parent of two children had broken his hip, they had an inflatable splint which they applied, wrapped him tightly with his mattress to prepare him for the arduous one hour trip along some very rough roads to the nearest hospital.

They have also carried out  thorough health checks of all the children at the Baby House.

Hearing Mama Blantina had fractures of both lower legs in August, they paid her a visit and were delighted to see that she has at last started walking with the help of her zimmer frame. She has had the plaster casts on for 10 weeks. Blantina is an amazing lady, she suffers from Osteogenosis Imperfecta. She is classed as a hero in the village, when she was younger she looked after 10 orphans, encouraged people to be tested for HIV/Aids, to keep up to date with their retesting and drugs needed to improve their lives and always around to help those in need. Blantina also makes and sells baskets to earn a little money. She is loved and admired by all.


Sam Sofya, our volunteer dentist, arrived in November and soon set to work checking and treating patients in need of dental treatments, ably assisted by Mama Upendo. He is very popular and a great support to those in the area and to us at the Children’s Village.





huge thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us this year. we cannot do this without you!
Also thanks to our amazing staff who look after the Children’s Village with love, care and compassion.




Kastory & Kaiza have done really well at school and are fully involved in the life of the Children’s Village.

Kastory, now 17, is a natural leader and has taken on many responsibilities in the house for the older boys. He loves helping others – the younger ones with their homework, the older ones with their various projects for their future.
Kastory wants to be an engineer and his brother a doctor.

DONATE TODAY. Help Kastory, Kaiza and the other children of Igoda Children’s Village family fulfil their dreams. They are the future.

Just £5 can pay for 1 child’s exercise books & writing materials.
£10 = 1 week’s education costs for 1 child.
£40 = 1 month costs.

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Kastory & Kaiza quickly settled in the Igoda Children’s Village and started school in the same grade, although Kastory was 12, three years older than his brother Kaiza. It was the first time either had been to school.

They have both been top students and head boys, and graduated from the Medium Primary School with high honours.
Kastory was given two award certificates: one for Leadership and one for Hard Working. They now study at Madisi Secondary Pre Form1.

Kastory and Kaiza visit and help their father regularly, walking the many miles to their former village.

The difference in the demeanor and appearance of the boys is obvious in the photo and clearly shows the good work done in the Children’s Village.

Find out tomorrow how they have progressed at the Igoda Children’s Village.



Learning for Life

This is the story of children in Tanzania who needed help and, through perseverance and the assistance of the Igoda Children’s Village, have achieved a better life. They, and the other children in the Village, now need our help to secure their future. Here’s their story:

In 2012 two boys started following our volunteer doctor while she was making home visits in a neighbouring village. It transpired that they had not eaten anything that day and were hungry. Their mother had died, and their elderly father was not able to take care of them. When not looking after their father they scavenged for food as best they could. It was apparent they needed help.

After many discussions with the Village Community Committee they got the permission to come to the Igoda Children’s Village. Kastory was 12 years old and Kaiza 9. Neither had ever been to school.

Find out tomorrow how they got on in their new home at the Igoda Children’s Village.


We’d love for you to join us to make a world of difference.

#GivingTuesday takes place on the Tuesday 3 December and is a day to give back and do good.

Since its launch in 2012, #GivingTuesday has grown to be a truly global phenomenon and there are now official campaigns in 40 countries, with support on the day extending to over 70 countries last year.

Here in the UK, #GivingTuesday is powered by the Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) and we’re proud to be part of something truly amazing. Last year 1 in 10 people in the UK did something on the day, raising money & donating. The campaign holds the world record for the most money raised online for charity in 24 hours, and last year raised $64 million globally.

We’d love for you to join us to make a world of difference.

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Artwork designed and sponsored by Elizabeth Gough.



Gloria is progressing so well now

Now, after Gloria’s operation, she is at last able to eat and enjoy her food properly,  she is also having speech therapy and able to start talking, although a little shy!

Here she is enjoying her Ugali and Beans with her friends.

A reminder of before and after her Cleft Lip and Palate Repair

Children’s Village News from Mufindi

Lots of Activity at The children’s Village

Report from Joseph, our Social Welfare Officer:

“This is Sijali Kitalika, our nurse at Igoda Children’s Village, as she was conducting seminar to the house mamas on how to provide the First Aid to the children who might suddenly have health issue before sending them to the hospital. Important matters to this seminar were wound care, steps to help a child falling from different levels of epilepsy and how to help a child who is frequently vomiting and diarrhoea leading to dehydration.”

  “In May, we received a request from Kidete village for this baby, Kefa Patrick Kigulu, to receive custody here at the Children’s Village. This is due to the serious sickness of the mother who currently can’t breast feed. As this family has five other children at home with their father taking care of their mama, he finds he cannot cope and asked for help. So Kefa will be staying at the Igoda Children’s Village until such time that his father is able to have him back, when the Mama recovers. The photo here is shown with his sister.”

“Flora, a little baby girl who joined our Milk Powder service from the Outreach Program as the result of her mother having fungal infection in her breasts causing her to stop feeding her baby. The help request was received when she was 3 months old as the family couldn’t afford to buy 6 cans of milk powder which would have cost them more than 108,000/- Tsh (£38) every month. 6 months later we were informed her mother died and there was no option for her to stay at her family home. We received a request from the Village Child Committee for the baby to receive custody at the Igoda Children’s Village. Flora has been at the CV since June 2019 and is settling in very well.”

Fanuel, at the children’s village, has his own chicken project. He has built a coop and eagerly learning how to look after chickens, collect eggs and produce the meat. He also looks after his small garden of cabbages, tomatoes and Pine saplings and tends to an acre of Maize, with a couple of other friends. All this will put him in good stead for his future.

Manuse, standing, arrived at the CV after being found still attached to his mother who had passed away in a field trying to get to hospital in December 2017. As you can see he is a healthy little boy who has made friends with Fransisco who came to live at the Baby House too in January 2019. Unfortunately, his mother had passed away too. These two have bonded and are inseparable. It is very rewarding to see how all these children are flourishing. This is all thanks to our lovely supporters and amazing House Mamas, without whom they wouldn’t be able to be loved and cared for.

We are also very grateful to all our supporters and give special thanks to those contributing monthly, it makes such a difference. All contributions towards costs to keep the Igoda Children’s Village going are always appreciated. We are all volunteers and only local Tanzanian staff are paid.

Gift Vouchers/Blank Greetings Cards and African Craft are available at any time.
If you would like further information, please contact us.



Gloria had her Cleft Palate and Lip Surgery on 10th April 2019! She gained the desired weight of over 10kgs which has been quite difficult, besides enjoying her food and having a healthy appetite, she has a malabsorption problem so it has taken her a long time to gain the weight needed.  Her operation has been a success and returned home with House Mama Salome on Wednesday 17th April looking amazing. She will soon heal and start a new life of eating and breathing so much easier! She still had her stitches in this photo.

Gloria was born on 1st June 2016 and arrived at the Igoda Children’s Village three weeks later weighing less than 3kgs. Her mother has intellectual challenges, making her unable to care for her baby and she couldn’t feed well enough, the father is not involved in Gloria’s life. She had a cleft lip and partial cleft palate that extended slightly into her nasal cavity, making activities such as eating and breathing difficult for her. At the Children’s Village, Gloria was given round the clock care and gradually her health improved.


After a very successful appeal to replace Hezron’s Wheelchair, he was taken to the CCBRT Hospital in Dar-es-Salaam accompanied by Maneno Kalinga, his full-time carer and Joseph, his House Father, Social Welfare Officer and Counsellor,  where a team met up with him, assessed his disabilities, gave him some physiotherapy and fitted him for his wheelchair. See the video below of his first attempt to manoeuvre his chair which is very moving when you see his smile spread from ear to ear!

Hezron, who has Cerebral Palsy, has been at the Children’s Village since he was 10 years old, he is now 22 . He used to live with his grandmother as his sole carer, both Hezron’s parents died as well as all of his aunts. However, because he was unable to walk and had become too big to carry, his grandmother had to leave him at home most days on the mud floor. Due to his poor living conditions and compromised immunity, he became very sick and began to suffer. The Village Committee, along with his grandmother, decided it would be best if Hezron came to live at the Children’s Village where he could access educational opportunities, better healthcare services and be given the care he needed.

Today, he is thriving! Now we have a bigger bus Hezron can attend school at Madisi with his friends and other pupils from the CV where he can participate in activities to improve his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Maneno, performs physiotherapy exercises with him regularly and each month he is taken to the Mdabulo Care and Treatment Clinic (CTC) where he receives medication. Hezron will always have a home at The Igoda Children’s Village where he is relaxed and has many friends.

January/February 2019 News from Mufindi

January / February 2019 News from Mufindi


BABY HOUSE:  On 23rd January another new baby arrived at the Children’s Village only a few hours old.  Sadly the mother passed away but she made sure she wrapped the baby girl up and put her in a safe place, tried to get help, but unfortunately she was too far away from the nearest hospital or medical help.  Our Social Officer, Joseph, was called in by the local Village Children’s Protection Committee to request that this little baby came to the Children’s Village where she will be loved and cared for until she is old enough for her family to look after her. She is the third baby to come to us over the last year and the house mamas are dedicated to caring for them and all the other little ones in the Baby House.  They work extremely hard and we are so grateful for their love and care. Shown above, one of the baby house mamas with Jordan, our long term volunteer from Peace Corps with the latest babies.

DENTISTS WITHOUT BORDERS: Always welcome to the Children’s Village, Dentists Without Borders, organized by our regular volunteer dentist, Dr Bodil Sandin, arrived in February.  They all  help the children learn to look after their teeth and also on their outreach work spreading the word about dental hygiene and treatments in remote schools also giving each pupil a new toothbrush. If children need treatment the school arranges for them all to visit the Mdabulo Dental Clinic together.  23 children from one school, Mwefu, took four hours to walk there, luckily the school organized a small bus to return them. There are no dentists in Mufindi, so their work is invaluable.

NEW SCHOOL BUS: We have, very generously, been donated a much needed bus that can now take all the children to school. This replaces the vehicle  that was running double trips because there are more children attending school. This also means that Hezron, 22 yrs old, our young man with Cerebral Palsy, can now get to school much easier and thoroughly enjoys it. As you can see, his wheelchair is very old and a little small so needs replacing with one that is made specially for him and are fundraising to replace it. If you would like to help, any amount, it would really be appreciated. He is a lovely person, never complaining always smiling! Thank you.  


We would like to thank all our sponsors for their support and generosity over the last past year. Without your help our children and local Tanzanian staff at the Children’s Village would not have a happy  and safe home.