Created to resemble as much as possible the village life that the children have come from, each house forms a family unit with dedicated house Mamas, to provide practical care, love and support.

We now have a village of six houses, a kindergarten, a day nursery, an onsite clinic and take care of 40 children from newborn to 17 years of age, and support 22 children in outreach.


In this caring family environment children help with chores, do their homework , play, go to school, their way of life the same as in the villages to which they will eventually return as adults, healthy and with the knowledge to help their community in the future.

Many babies and children have HIV/Aids and many health challenges result. Some have been too ill to go to school regularly and some like Hezroni,  Jamsi and Halima have physical disabilities.

The tiny babies are particularly vulnerable, if the mother has died in childbirth the cost of milk formula and the practicality of bottle feeding is a huge obstacle for the depleted family units. The Children’s Village gives hope to these families and motherless babies.

Our ultimate aim would be for them to be able to return to their home villages when the time is right and when the extended family becomes strong enough to provide loving care.


In addition to our long term volunteer physician, Dr. Leena and her dedication to the Children’s Village, we are also fortunate to have visits from other medical volunteers, helping our children with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dental care and life skills.

A Check Up
Dentists without Borders checking teeth in the Children’s Village
Jamsi receiving physiotherapy from one of the volunteer medics. He has a back injury and has a lot of pain.
At House No 3, where the older boys live, their house father is also the social worker. As well as using his skills in the Children’s Village he has a programme to visit families whose children have returned home from the Children’s Village, often very remote, assessing their health and well being. He also encourages and supervises the older children of the Children’s Village to have contact with their home villages and relations.



We have  generously been donated a larger bus which will enable the trip to school to be made with one journey instead to two.

Thanks to our generous donors our vulnerable children can attend school regularly or even for the first time in their lives. They couldn’t manage the two hour walk to school on our muddy roads.

The smaller Hiace van is now used for taking children and babies diagnosed HIV positive for their monthly tests, an hour’s walk away.



Taking the babies for their HIV tests
Going to School


Kindergarten and Nursery

On site we now have a Nursery School/Daycare.
Caterpillars (for ages 1 -2 years) and Butterflies (ages 2 -3 years), completed in 2016.

The on site Montessori kindergarten gives our children the best possible start to education.

And it is through education that future generations will be able to overcome the enemy in their midst.

AND it’s FUN!!!


Onsite Clinic

The on site clinic provides a base for our long term volunteer paediatrician, Dr Leena Pasanen, our volunteer dentist, Dr.Bodil Sandin and other visiting clinicians, treating not only our children and workers but people from the nearest villages.

We also have visits from locally based physiotherapists and a clinical psychologist from time to time.

Waiting for the doctor. A children’s clinic at the Children’s Village.



The kitchen garden is a favourite place for some, especially when the strawberries ripen. Another self sufficiency project for the Children’s Village, together with chickens and bee hives, e aim to produce as much as we can for our children and workers but also as a potential income generating project.


The Children’s Village is providing care, protection and love for those most in need and many of our children will be with us from birth until adulthood.

Much more remains to be done.

Please help us to continue to help them.