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In Mufindi District income is very low and often children do not attend school because they cannot afford uniform or basic notebooks and pens or food during the school day.

Buying a School Gift Voucher could change a child’s life and future.

With your help we can support vulnerable children in our community.

School Vouchers

£5.00     Pens, pencils, school sets for a student at  primary and secondary schools.
£10.00    Notebooks for a pupil at Secondary School.
£15.00    A midday meal for a month.
£75.00    Secondary School board and lodgings for one term.

School is often more than two hours walk from home, a safe place to stay enables more students to attend.

Kindergarten Vouchers

Help a child get a good start in life.

£15.00    Entry to Kindergarten for a child.
£35.00    A whole term at Kindergarten.

School Uniform Vouchers

£20.00    Buys a primary school uniform
£30.00    Buys a secondary school uniform

Buy a Voucher – Save a Life

The Milk Powder Programme

helps to prevent transmission of HIV/Aids from mother to child.

Your gift voucher will help this vital programme,
enabling more mothers and babies to take part.

Milk Powder Vouchers

Uji Porridge Gift Vouchers

A daily mug of Uji, a nutritious gruel, provides valuable sustenance for the children in the Children’s Village and at the Kindergarten.

Uji Vouchers/ Food vouchers
£6.00      Daily Uji for one child for a month.
£10.00    Healthy snacks for 4 children for 2 weeks.
£15.00    A week of nutritious food for a child.
£75.00    Feeds 5 vulnerable children for a week.

Thank you! Asante Sana!

for buying a gift voucher.