Simon Shercliff CMG OBE was a VSO volunteer teacher near Iringa between 1995-97, after which he returned to the UK and joined the Diplomatic Service. He continued travelling back to Tanzania to see old friends, and first visited Mufindi in 2004 when he met Geoff Fox, and Bruce and Jane. Geoff had already started Foxes Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust, and Jane and Bruce started up Orphans in the Wild shortly afterwards, asking Simon to be a trustee alongside them both and Marion. While his career as a diplomat has taken Simon to several other countries, he and his family maintain strong links with Tanzania, Mufindi in particular, and aim to visit Mufindi and FCWCT annually where possible to keep up to date with the NGO’s activities.

21st June 2021,  Simon  has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran.