News from Igoda Children’s Village, Mufindi to December 2022

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YAM (Youth Agency Mufindi) sponsored by The Deaconess Foundation, Finland

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  • Three days training of 170 caregivers in disability issues, far more than the original number planned, and highlighting the taboos surrounding the ‘invisible disabled’
  • Assessment of older disabled youth for Rehab needs, some of whom will attend the program for employment of disabled.
  • A conference and youth events were held with the dual aim of highlighting the livelihood impacts from teenage pregnancies and also HIV awareness 

Five mechanical students have joined the YAM project familiarising themselves with insides of an engine.

Also 50 girls are being introduced to carpentry with an assortment of plantation and management techniques, chain and circular saw management together with maintenance, timber processing, sawing for high recovery and harvesting technologies and with blade management also charcoal, briquette and fire control. They have been on a  sawmill & treatment plant tour and visited a plywood factory.

YAM tailoring students continue improving their skills,they started making sheets to get used to sewing and straight lines, and progressed recently to making school uniforms. As Christmas was looming,they made clothes for children at the Children’s village. The course lasts 6 months with some students having to bring their children with them ~ earning at an early age .

The life of 14yr old, Josephat,  has now been saved by FCWC with the support of YAM. In previous two quarterly news reports, you would have read of a battle with gangrene in the legs of a young boy.  He fell into an open fire and his legs suffered extreme burns which became infected that progressed to gangrene. They managed to save one of his gangrenous legs but eventually had to amputate his other leg. After amputation, the medical team opted for the use of prosthetics and orthotics (artificial limb). Josephat was referred on 24th October 2022) to St. Joseph Hospital, Ikelu.  His progress is being monitored and we await further news of this brave young man. At least now he has a chance in life; if FCWC had not rescued him he would have died in a matter of days. 

  The Belgium sponsor  for the news wards and staff accommodation for the Igoda Hospital, arrived in October together with his grandson to see the progress of the buildings for himself. The members of the Village Committee, FoxesNGO builders and some villagers warmly welcomed and thanked him for his generous support.  Hand his grandson also spent a little time with some of the kindergarten children at the ICV 

This is little Helena who arrived prematurely, weighing 1kg on 24th May 2022, shown here with her aunt on the 28th December. Our Milk Powder Program has saved her life as her mama was unable to provide sufficient milk, as for many other babies on MPP. She has been monitored regularly and as you can see, is coming along well. Her family has done extremely well getting her to this stage as there are no facilities for these tiny babies in Mufindi.


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