Jordan Garbin is a health extension volunteer at FCWCT. She grew up in rural Kansas, USA and has a Bachelor’s degree is in Integrated Studies in Sustainability. She was a Peace Corp’s Volunteer in Njombe Tanzania from February 2016- March 2018 and has been at the NGO since.





Sheree Demblon, a qualified nurse, has been with us now since 2016 as a volunteer and plans to stay for three years. She is making a big difference to the lives in the Children’s
Village and the surrounding villages in her outreach work.




Taking care of Medical and Dental issues are two wonderful, tireless, dedicated ladies who have devoted their lives to working in Tanzania and now based at Igoda Chlidren’s Village, volunteering their services for the good of the whole community.

Dr Leena Pasanen, a paediatrician, left her native Finland to work in rural Tanzania. She has been caring for children and adults for the past 25 years and is now based in the Children’s Village. She has witnessed the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, She says this only strengthens her will to continue helping the children of Tanzania in any way she can.



Dr Bodil Sandin, A dentist from Sweden, who also has experience working in Southern Tanzania and now volunteers with the NGO for several months at a time.


We would like to thank our past long term Volunteers for their hard work and support whilst with us, they will be missed and wish them all good luck for their future:

Amari Alexander – Amari was with us for  three years her term ended 2017. She co-ordinated Volunteers and worked with the Early Education Program.

 Lucy Kohler – volunteered for one year as healthcare organiser.

Michael Scott – Was with us for six months leaving in February 2018. He volunteered with the Agricultural side: the orchard, the vegetable fields, greenhouse tunnel, and teaching the older children skills they will need for their future.

Lucy Tamberrino – Was also with for six months leaving April 2018. Lucy was helped organise and co-ordinate the health programme, collaborating with visiting doctors, dentists, nurses, occupational therapists and home base volunteers.

our amazing Tanzanian STAFf

Our self funded volunteers are ably assisted by a very competent team of Tanzanians mostly from the Mufindi area, indeed one of the NGO’s principal aims is for the local people themselves to be able to run the project, to be competent and trained in all aspects of the work on the ground.

Outreach social work in the villages