Zulea is currently completing her Tourism and Hotel Management studies and is at Lazy Lagoon right now doing her ‘field’ experience for 3 months before seeking employment.

IGODA CLINIC WARD EXTENSION: The foundations are complete and the brickwork has been started, there was a delay due to a very wet season! This will provide the Igoda Clinic with more beds, and accommodation for a doctor and nurse to expand the facility to cover a wider area as the nearest hospital is quite  distance away. This is being sponsored by a very generous donor! Thank you so much.

Conservation news: Chris Fox and his team are located in some of Tanzania’s absolutely best untouched locations, and they have made it their mission to protect these lands. So far, they’ve managed to: remove 11,000 snares/traps used in illegal poaching activities; planted 30,000 locally with indigenous forest trees (as at end of 2019); facilitate ongoing ecological monitoring; help deploy anti-poaching units into the scarp forests of Mufindi. The Fox family has planted 3 million trees in the Southern Highlands and lowering the carbon emissions in this area

Huge congratulations to our Trustee, Simon Shercliff CMG OBE for being appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran!
Welcomed Visitors:  Johannes, our Volunteer Accountant from Germany, also Jenny Peck from America, paid a short visit at the ICV much to the excitement of the staff and children!

23rdSeptember: We welcome Dr Alex and her family to the ICV. Her medical skills are very much valued not only at our ICV but in the surrounding villages where she will be visiting many outreach patients in need of this extra help. The family has already started activities in the social room with the children and catching up with them all. The family last December converted the old craft-room into a Social room where the children can go and relax, do activities, homework, read etc.

ICV: We believe our foster facility for babies who lose their mothers at childbirth is slowing down. Perhaps this is an indicator of the success of our new Igoda Clinic where many babies are being delivered in the maternity unit.  Also, we are taking steps to repatriate some of these young children to their villages where fathers left them with us as babies not being able to look after them. They are normally returned around 3 years of age. Francisco, now aged 2 yrs has been fostered with a family living at Chogo Village who have other children and settled in well. Tunaye, Fanuel, Monica and Evalina, all over 18 have now left the ICV as with Government policy which does not allow children over the age of 18 to remain. They are all enrolled in further education, or the Youth Project.

SAILING ALONE: Richard Kerswell, who lived in Tanganyika as a child, continuing his sail, alone, around the UK raising funds for the Igoda Children’s Village and Give the World a Shot. So far he has done 2,232.7 Nautical miles. To catch up with his latest progress please click on:





The OITW 2021 Christmas Cards will be available soon. Each pack of 10 cards is £4.75 per pack + Postage.

Thank you for your continued support and donations also those who regularly donate by direct debit, they are very much appreciated, without your amazing help the ICV wouldn’t be there!  Asante Sana! 

Do get in touch if you need more information.


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