April 4th The children were given an Easter Hunt to search the playground for their treats. When they found them, they dropped the goodies into a basket and each of the children received an equal share with great excitement

April 22nd What a lovely surprise! Foxes Community & Wildlife Conservation Trust has been announced as the 2021 cause winner with Thank you so much! To see the full post on Instagram please click on this link:–5OMla-i6M8

April 29th The new beans and maize planted earlier this season are looking really healthy, giving the children fresh vegetables with plenty to dry and put into stores for the following weeks after harvest! All this land is dug over by hand, there are very few tractors in this remote, rural area of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania! The Avocado season is in full swing in Mufindi. Kasory Kilwa and Kaini Kabonge shown here, are busy counting the first pick ready to bag them up for stores.

May 9th The ICV received gifts from the Iyayi Church of maize, soap, religious books, plates, soap and money to the tune of Tsh.69,000/- (£21.28). This was given by the congregation, giving what they could, which is very much appreciated. They held prayers and their choir sang at the Vocational Training Centre together with lunch including all the ICV children and workers. Zilipa, the ICV Manager, said it was a day enjoyed by everyone.

May 21st Zilipa has visited Gloria again at her grandmother’s home in Ikaning’ombe to see her progress now she has left the Igoda Children Village. Gloria has settled very well, is happy and healthy. Such good news seeing her difficult start in life. #babygloriamufindi

May 30th Ella, one of our Finnish Volunteers, arrived in Mufindi bringing with her lots of knitted items from Finland, she also collected the packages from the Mafinga post office sent from the UK. The smaller children wearing some of the cardies and jumpers from friends in the UK and the others showing the lovely Finnish knitted garments. Thank you to all the great knitters!

June 2nd We are delighted to have received a grant from Johnson Controls of Cork for Solar equipment, this will make a significant difference to the ICV. The Solar system will make FCWC self reliant in its operation, able to protect itself from regular power cuts and surges, and at the same time minimize the administrative burden of electricity bills while also meeting it’s environmental objectives for using renewable energy.

June 25th  We received some books kindly donated by some visitors who were passing through, much to the delight of the staff and children. Many thanks! 

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