Learning for Life

This is the story of children in Tanzania who needed help and, through perseverance and the assistance of the Igoda Children’s Village, have achieved a better life. They, and the other children in the Village, now need our help to secure their future. Here’s their story:

In 2012 two boys started following our volunteer doctor while she was making home visits in a neighbouring village. It transpired that they had not eaten anything that day and were hungry. Their mother had died, and their elderly father was not able to take care of them. When not looking after their father they scavenged for food as best they could. It was apparent they needed help.

After many discussions with the Village Community Committee they got the permission to come to the Igoda Children’s Village. Kastory was 12 years old and Kaiza 9. Neither had ever been to school.

Find out tomorrow how they got on in their new home at the Igoda Children’s Village.


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