In Memory of Naused Nyaganilwa – FCWCT Trustee

We are very much saddened to let you know that Naused Nyaganilwa, one of Foxes Community & Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Trustees and great friend, has passed away. He was one of their founding members and has been an invaluable help and support to the charity. He also devoted his life to the communities in Mufindi achieving great improvements from schools and dispensaries (often with support from FCWCT) to roads and bridges. He was extremely good at sorting out any problems. He served his whole career as village treasurer, secretary, and then Luhunga counsellor before becoming Chairman. In his capacity as Chairman for many years of the District Council, his impact reached well beyond just Luhunga ward but to benefit all communities in Mufindi.
His passing away before his time is a huge blow to us all and he will be sorely missed. It is a great loss of course to his family but also to the charity and to people of Mufindi.

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