Shoes for Schools: In the previous newsletter we reported that £1,943.36 had been raised. We are delighted to let you know that the shoes arrived on 19th December creating great excitement to all the children at the ICV. Any funds left over will go towards clothing.


During October, due to the Covid pandemic, our incoming funds reduced significantly. so we held an emergency fundraising campaign on all media sites, alongside the previous newsletter appeal £4368.50 has been raised also a few regular monthly direct debits have started. Once again this is hugely appreciated!

Dr Alex, our medical volunteer, her family and Ella, another volunteer, arrived from Finland early October. They brought with them hand knitted cardigans made by Dr Leena Pasanen, socks, clothes and many other items including footballs much to the delight of Hezron and and all the children. Ella worked hard helping the house mamas playing and making crafts with the children. Dr Alex started her medical rounds checking on the health and status of the children and then progressed on to visit many patients in the rural, remote outreach villages. She did this with the help of the Home Base Volunteer Team, who had previously assessed who most needed medical support. We shall miss them all as they return to Finland for Christmas. Thank you for everything you have done. 

Social Room: To give the older children more space to do their homework and provide somewhere to relax, a Social Room has been made using the old sewing room that had been unoccupied for a while. This was funded by an individual Triathlon challenge completed in the UK during lockdown, Alex Family and Geoff Fox. An old sofa was repaired and recovered. The large old table was sanded and varnished also an old bookshelf was rejuvenated and painted with a variety of different and colourful flags. Curtains were made. Rugs, tables, chairs, a radio/CD player and a refurbished TV were bought. Having already achieved so much Dr Alex and her family still found time to the help the older children from the Children’s Village set to cleaning, mending, sanding, painting and getting the room ready to open just before they were due to leave for Finland. To see all the activity involved please click on the link:

Thank you for all help and your support.

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