‘Goodnight, Sleep Tight’

New Bedding Needed For A ‘GOOD NIGHT – SLEEP TIGHT’

Our family of 60 orphaned and vulnerable children, aged from just 4 months, go to 
school and nursery, they play and help their house Mamas with jobs. They get very 
tired by the end of the day but their bedding and mattresses are now old and 
uncomfortable. They need to be replaced through local sources, so we are asking 
if you can help in getting them some new bedding. Buy a child a mattress, give a 
pillow to rest their weary heads, a blanket for the cold nights of winter. 
£ 25.00 = a new mattress 
£ 10.00 = a pair of sheets
£ 6.50 = a blanket 
£ 5.00 = 2 pillows 

Orphans in the Wild ( UK Reg 1113719) supports the Igoda Children’s Village in Mufindi 
Tanzania, which is run by Foxes NGO. This small, locally based NGO has done an 
amazing  job over the past twelve years and all donations are used directly on the 
ground in Tanzania for the benefit of the children. If you would like to know more, 
please contact us. 

Please also share this post with as many friends/contacts as you can.
Thank you for your help

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