Our Visit to Mufindi – February/ March 2018

A short diary of Julia Ostler’s and my visit to Mufindi Feb/March 2018. We Thoroughly enjoyed it, had lots of interaction with the Kindergarten, babies, had chats with the older children about their likes, dislikes and ambitions, went out with Doctors Leena Inkeri Pasanen and Bodil Sandin on their outreach visits so we could see and understand the difficulties of the villagers, got lots of statistics etc for grant applications etc. We had the most wonderful welcome from the house mamas with lots of hugs. Our house mama in the volunteer house looked after us really well and is an amazing cook, would love to know how she cooked all those veggies to taste like they did! What a fantastic place the Children’s Village is and would like to thank all the local Tanzanians who care for the children, who do all office work, livestock, vegetable/fruit fields and new Greenhouse tunnel not forgetting all of you who support us one way or another. Patricia Marion Gough OITW Trustee.

DIARY-NEWSLETTER February -March 2018

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