A few Snippets from Mufindi

Outreach Medical Help –  

Our two medical Volunteers have arrived in Mufindi. Dr Leena Pasanen, and Dr Bodil Sandin (Dentist) They have also brought with them other short term volunteers including ‘Dentists Without Borders’ from Sweden. They are making such a difference.

A post from Dr. Leena: Oct 20thWe visited this lovely lady on Monday. She had difficulties with walking and fell down on and off. We found the walker at Mdabulo Clinic store which is a big help to her.”  These items were donated by container from us here in the UK, sourced from many donors.

To catch up with activities, do visit our Facebook page, there are some lovely posts. This one is of a gorgeous little toddler helping House Mama with washing, like all kids they love helping and getting soaked at the same time!

The Children’s Village

is home to some special needs children and young adults.  Hezron, pictured here,  has Cerebral Palsy. Both his parents and aunts died of HIV/AIDS when he was very young. His grandmother was his sole carer, but because he was unable to walk and had become too big to carry, she had to leave him at home most days on the mud floor. As a result, he became very sick and began to suffer. The village council, along with his family, asked if Hezron could live at the Children’s Village where he would have access to the health care and educational services he needed. Hezron is still not able to walk but is thriving, and always smiling! Since the provision (thanks to a kind donor) of transport, he can now attend school with his one-to-one carer, Stefano, who also helps him with physiotherapy exercises and general needs. The one-to-one care is provided by the Children’s Village/FCWCT. Hezron lives now at house No 3 with the older boys and Joseph the house father. Because of his needs, the Children’s Village remains Hezron’s home, he has been part of our family for 12 years, even though he is now well past the usual maximum age of 18.    Three other of our children have full time carers, a young girl with mental health problems, a 6-year-old boy who has several epileptic fits a day, despite medication, consequently retarding his physical abilities and the severely burnt young 15-year-old girl now been with us a few months. The care and dedication of our mamas is invaluable.

Reaching Out – In 2014 FCWCT initiated a social welfare programme, based on earlier valuable work done by Project Leaders Geoff Knight & Jenny Peck, who have now after 10 years returned to the US, and appointed its own trained Social Welfare Officer, Joseph Majembe. 

When families suggest that children can return from the Children’s Village to live with them again, Joseph assesses the proposed arrangements, liaises with the village councils and government officers. Once all is agreed, he monitors the children on a regular basis. He offers advice and practical assistance. Sometimes small things, like the cost of a pair of shoes or exercise books for school, can make a huge difference to a family’s well being. Joseph regularly visits the 16 villages in the project area, seeing families who are struggling to cope, alerted by the village elders or our own village volunteers. Often early intervention can prevent a child needing additional care and therefore keep the family together. He is also called by the Village Councils alerting him to other vulnerable children who need our help.

Thank you for all your support without it none of these activities would be possible. 

If you would like more information, please contact us.



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