2016-Today: Transport & Education – #10yearanniversary!

2016-Today: Transport & Education: The Greatest Need

2016 – From the FCWCT Archives:

 “Thanks to a generous US donor, the Children’s Village was given one of the most valuable gifts it’s ever received- an NGO car! This Toyota Hiace van, serves as transport for every child living at the Children’s Village to and from school. Many are often immuno-compromised due to their HIV status. Of these 74 children, 45 children attend primary school. The primary school is located 6 miles away from the Children’s Village, meaning without a school bus, any child with physical disabilities or fragile health status, would be unable to make such a trek. This would mean that without a car to bring them to school, these children would be forced out of school. During school breaks, the Toyota Hiace has served as an Outreach Vehicle for the Health department and the Social Welfare/Psychology team to reach vulnerable children and families.”

The Toyota Hiace was generously donated by a US Donor and the Ambulance behind it was donated after a hard fund raising effort by two UK Donors in Devon!


Providing quality educational opportunities to vulnerable youth can alter life outcomes and increase the chances for economic success later in life. Currently, there are 74 orphaned and vulnerable children living at the Children’s Village; 13 children are living with HIV, and an additional five children are living with life-long physical and mental disabilities. Roughly 70% of the children living at Igoda Children’s Village are victims of neglect, abuse, or torture. At the Children’s Village, these children receive food, shelter, and protection, as well as medical treatment, psychological counselling, youth empowerment, and educational support. Through student sponsorship, FCWCT provides school fees, uniforms, transport to/from school, and other school needs to children living at the Children’s Village and local vulnerable youth that are identified by village child protection teams and vetted by the district social welfare office.

The goal of the Educational Support Initiative is to allow every child to reach their maximum potential, regardless of the financial, social, and health obstacles that might be present. A parent’s inability to pay school fees or purchase a new uniform is enough to keep a vulnerable child out of school. In the 11 years since FCWCT’s founding, the NGO has financially supported the educational opportunities of over 200 orphaned and vulnerable children, which includes paying school fees and providing uniforms, school supplies, and transport to/from school. 105 children have reached and/or completed their secondary education and over 1,000 children have reached and/or completed their primary education through FCWCT’s financial intervention and support. Ten previously-vulnerable children have reached and/or completed their university education through participation in the Work Study Program, where students are able to pay for school fees through working in different sectors of the NGO. Since FCWCT began providing educational funding to vulnerable children, ten children have continued on to find work with the NGO or in another career field, helping to provide income for themselves, their families, and greater community. Nearly 200 children have been educated in the on-site pre-school and kindergarten classrooms.

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Our goal is to secure monthly sponsors for each of the 10 projects we are highlighting over this 10 day countdown to our #10yearanniversary!

Help support our Educational Sponsorship Program! With the help of generous donors, all of our children have the means to get to school. Help us keep them there!

Click on the links below or through Ammado and become monthly sponsors!

UK https://www.goldengiving.com/secure/direct-debit/create/orphansinthewild

USA: https://www.networkforgood.org/donati…/ExpressDonation.aspx…

FIN: https://www.mufindinystavat.net/tule-mukaan

All OITW’s funds donated reach Foxes Community & Wildlife Conservation Trust and is overseen by FCWCT Founder, Mr Geoff Fox MBE who ensures they reach the projects on the grounds, ably assisted by Geoff Knight, Jenny Peck, the FCWCT self funded volunteers.

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