July 2018 News

HALIMA: We were approached by Julie Hepworth, Founder of Water for Africa, Australia to help a young 14 year old girl from Mafinga. Halima fell in a fire a few years ago, abandoned by her mother, her father dead, lived with her elderly grandmother. She is terribly burnt, has several epileptic fits per day and there other medical problems. She has undergone three plastic surgery operations sponsored by them for her eyelid, a neck  release and the most recent on her hand to enable her to use her fingers.  We are pleased to let you know we were very happy to include her in the Children’s Village to receive the love and care she so deserves and needs.

She has now been with us for almost a month. Sheree, our volunteer nurse, has taken her to the Unilever Hospital for tests to get her medications up to date. She lived with her elderly grandmother who was unable to care for her nor afford her medications, so was being neglected. Halima needs a lot of help with feeding, cleansing and dressing and now has a full time carer to look after her. She is a special girl who comes ‘alive’ with company, she does miss her grandmother but we will make sure she gets to see her! In the meantime, if you would like updates on her progress please let us know.

LOUISVILLE UNIVERSITY, KANSAS MEDICAL STUDENTS27 University of Louisville Medical students arrived at the Children’s Village, including a few tutors. They stayed at the Volunteer houses which created quite a challenge for electricity, water, transport and translators. This is the fifth year running they have been, the biggest group yet, together with 45 bags of medical items which will certainly boost our stocks. 

They are an amazing group of people and they made a tremendous difference to those who needed medical attention in outreach villages. At the few clinics spread over a very large area covering over 35,000 villagers, there are only medical officers, no doctors. To have so many doctors treating the patients that kept coming was not only rewarding but a huge benefit to Mufindi.

The Medics used three local clinics, Mdabulo, Igoda and one at the Children’s Village, they also went into remote villages and set up clinics in the school rooms.  

There were three Dentists amongst them who used the Dental Clinic set up by Dr Bodil Sandin at the Mdabulo Hospital. There are no dentists in this very rural area except when Dr Bodil goes for a few months of the year and the Dentists without Borders that she organizes a couple of times whilst she is in residence. They treated hundreds of children and many adults.

A HUGE thank you to each and every one of those medics and Water for Africa Au. for sponsoring Halima. 

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