We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, New Year

   we would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy, healthy new year from us all at orphans in the wild (UK) and and foxes community & wildlife conservation trust  (foxesngo)  Tanzania

On 2nd October, we were very excited to welcome Dr. Leena Pasanen, our volunteer doctor back to Mufindi, the Children’s Village were delighted to see her again. Dr Leena spends six months of the year in Mufindi and then returns to her home in Finland. Her Finnish friends raised funds for her to buy clothing and shoes for the children. On the 15th another volunteer, Dr. Alex, joined her and they have spent many hours during remote outreach visits, covering many miles, treating patients in their own homes.

One gentleman, a single parent of two children had broken his hip, they had an inflatable splint which they applied, wrapped him tightly with his mattress to prepare him for the arduous one hour trip along some very rough roads to the nearest hospital.

They have also carried out  thorough health checks of all the children at the Baby House.

Hearing Mama Blantina had fractures of both lower legs in August, they paid her a visit and were delighted to see that she has at last started walking with the help of her zimmer frame. She has had the plaster casts on for 10 weeks. Blantina is an amazing lady, she suffers from Osteogenosis Imperfecta. She is classed as a hero in the village, when she was younger she looked after 10 orphans, encouraged people to be tested for HIV/Aids, to keep up to date with their retesting and drugs needed to improve their lives and always around to help those in need. Blantina also makes and sells baskets to earn a little money. She is loved and admired by all.


Sam Sofya, our volunteer dentist, arrived in November and soon set to work checking and treating patients in need of dental treatments, ably assisted by Mama Upendo. He is very popular and a great support to those in the area and to us at the Children’s Village.





huge thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us this year. we cannot do this without you!
Also thanks to our amazing staff who look after the Children’s Village with love, care and compassion.


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