Orphans in the Wild is the fund raising UK sister charity for Foxes NGO,   a small charity based in beautiful but remote Southern Highlands of Tanzania in the highland region called Mufindi.

The area has been decimated by the effects of HIV/Aids. Orphans in the Wild is working to support projects to help these proud and independent people to combat the effects of the disease on their community and to restore it to health and self sufficiency.

The first step was to protect the orphaned and vulnerable children, the strong extended family system having broken under the strain of the mortality of the working age population bringing destitution to many families.

From small beginnings we care for sixty two children in a Children’s Village of 6 small houses. A happy community, echoing traditional village life.

Healthcare, education, income generation and long term future sustainability are at the heart of the charity’s fight against HIV/Aids.
Health care initiatives, here the Milk Powder Project to save babies lives.
Supporting education in the community, helping to improve facilities and equipment
Mdabulo HIV/Aids Care Treatment Centre (CTC) was completed 2010. Now, in 2020 over 5,000 villagers are currently being tested and treated.

In addition to continuing running of the Children’s Village, incorporating improvements as funds allow we have these additional current ongoing projects in the wider community:

  • Improvement to healthcare facilities in our target area and access to anti retro viral (ARV) drugs.
  • Health education and support to encourage testing for the disease.
  • Provision of milk formula for those mothers who are unable to breastfeed through illness.
  • Sponsorship for primary & secondary school students.
  • Kindergarten, pre-school an outreach kindergarten project.
  • Home based Health care programme involving local volunteers in the community.

None of this is possible without you and your help, please support us in any way you can. 99.9% of all donations to Orphans in the Wild are used on the ground in Tanzania.