Like many charities “Orphans in the Wild” is suffering a marked downturn in donations. Donations by safari guests have dried up as the safaris were closed due to Covid 19 and remain so. We especially thank those who are currently supporting us through Direct Debits, and who have recently donated. All donations have a direct impact on the children and young people we are supporting in the Children’s Village.

The Vocational Training Centre, although under the FCWCT umbrella, is independently run allowing our own ICV students to train free of charge. One group, the Student Car Mechanics, have recently had an exciting and rare opportunity. Peter Fox along with his experienced mechanics, fabricators and builders, were converting Land Rovers chassis cabs into vehicles for safari game drives. The process was to convert these bullet proof snatch 2A 110’s (wheelbase) vehicles into longer 130 chassis cabs. What better experience could they get! It was a huge job  benefiting the students. Not many student mechanics get the opportunity to totally strip, stretch the chassis, respray, reinstate the parts, replace the engine, test, add a canopy and seats on all these vehicles! Peter Fox was hands on with his expert mechanics making sure all students were taught correctly and did the job to a high standard. 

25th AugustThe Regional and District Commissioners came to officially open the Igoda Clinic, complete with a Maternity Suite, which will serve the surrounding area! This clinic has been generously sponsored together with all the equipment for the maternity unit. It is going to make such a difference to nearby villages. Thank you! Official Opening of the Igoda Clinic:

8th September A young 16 year old school girl, Aviva, spent a little time at the Igoda Children’s Village last year and was so taken with it she has set up her own charity to support them –! She organised a fundraise earlier this year to buy 70 new sweaters for all the primary school children (they are required to have two sets, one in blue and one maroon). We are delighted to report that these have now been purchased! Thank you to Aviva and her school friends for their support.

11th SeptemberThe latest news on Gloria! Her Grandmother had successfully applied to take her home and she will be reunited with her brother again. The Ikaning’ombe Child Protection Committee had approved and signed the legal documents necessary to make this move. It was a day of mixed feelings when Gloria left, sad to lose her from her extended family at the ICV but happy for her to be going home. Grandmother is building a new house. 

You may remember #babygloriamufindi came to the Igoda Children’s Village in February 2017 as her mother was mentally unable to look after her. She has had quite a difficult young life; Gloria was unable to feed due to a cleft lip and palate, and also she had an absorption problem and could not gain weight. In august 2019, she gained the weight needed and had her surgical repair. Since then she has come on in leaps and bounds. The Health Officer and our present Volunteer Doctor, Dr Alex, has recently visited the family and reported that Gloria has settled in very well and is actually calling Grandmother, Mama!

Three new Beehives:- Kashinde, our ICV handyman and volunteer’s translator, has hollowed out logs to make some extra beehives, not only to provide the CV with honey but for sale too. After hollowing out, the two sides are put back together with small holes, smeared with beeswax to encourage bees to make  them their new homes. The have been placed in the bush around the different houses. 

We are delighted to let you know that the ‘Shoes for Schools’ fundraise has raised £1,943.36. The Primary School Children are required to have two pairs of shoes and The Secondary School Children one pair. Any funds left over will go towards their uniforms. Thank you!

OITW Christmas cards are ready for sale. They come in packs of ten, five of each design for £4.75 per pack + additional Postage. 100% of the profit goes to the Igoda Children’s Village.

 Cost of UK Postage:

 1 Pack – 1st Class £1.64, 2nd Class £1.40; 
2 Packs – 1st Class £2.14, 2nd Class £1.83;
3 Packs £2.95, 2nd Class £2.48;
4/6 Packs – 1st Class £2.70, 2nd class £3.10;
               7/10 1st Class £5.57,    2nd Class £3.10                                                                              Payment can be made through the Donate button above,ensure your address is on the form and please state quantity of cards required in the comment section after the Gift Aid.

     Need a Christmas gift with a difference? Gift Vouchers are available, details under  How You Can Help on the                                                                                           menu bar.   

Thank you for all your support, we couldn’t do this without you  

 If you would like any further information, please contact Marion Gough:

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