As the Igoda Children’s Village is still in lock-down for the safety of all concerned during the Corona virus pandemic, any staff from the surrounding villages have moved into the CV to keep movement to a minimum. Although everywhere is quiet, there is lots going on and to do to keeping  children busy and occupied. The Kindergarten numbers are small until local children from nearby villages are allowed to return. Whilst it’s still the same routine for the nursery – nap time and Loveness enjoys learning with such a lovely smile! 

John and Fadhili have been giving the children extra tuition. Some of them seen here taking one of the tests! When the lessons are done and in their free time, Fanuel and Nache are keeping themselves busy. They are always trying to find ways to make some pocket money, so here they are filling pouches to plant pine seeds which they then sell on as saplings. Fanual bought himself a small radio with his last pocket money, mentioned in the previous report.

The chickens are now producing lots of eggs so the children are benefiting from this donated program.

A little earlier this year, 3 Dentists Without Borders screened approximately 4,500 children in Mufindi in two weeks! They educated them in oral care, healthy diet and gave them toothbrushes with instructions on brushing correctly. 

8-9 different schools were visited including treating the children at ICV. Marie said it was magic and they loved every second. Sam Sofya arrived a little later and treated those that needed treatment at the dental clinic at Mdabulo, ably assisted by Mama Upendo. The dentists are looking forward to coming again next Spring.

All the children are helping out with chores, the older ones dug a new rubbish pit, many pulled up weeds, tidied and cleared the roads within the ICV in readiness for Environmental Day, they cut the grass in the playground, helped chop and stack wood, planted beans and banana plants.

Tula used her spare time practicing her new skill – basket weaving. This is a skill many women in Mufindi use to earn a living, to re-grass their roofs, send children to school etc. Looks like a nice tight weave, well done Tula!

Thank you to our amazing staff for all their love and care.

We are very grateful to those who have recently donated, some anonymously, our partners, and we give special thanks to those who contribute monthly. Funds, used to keep the children fed, cared for, medical needs and education requirements, especially during these difficult times, are always really appreciated!                               

Thank you

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If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact Marion Gough: +44(0)7759 219 708.

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