An example of the wider community helping itself the Basket Making Cooperative., supported by the NGO, Women who have HIV/Aids, or who are caring for others who are affected, often abandoned by their menfolk have taken this initiative to provide themselves and their children with a living .

Sila was one of the first of the basket weavers, she is HIV positive and frail but has manage to build her family a brick house, their old one disintegrated in the rains, and to ensure her younger children went to school. Photo Sila

Reeds for the basket weaving are gathered in the riverbeds , dyed and each basket maker has their own individual style, pattern and colours and the women weave their baskets when they are not tending their fields or shambas which provide almost all their food.

Income from the cooperative will. Will pay for school uniforms and books and, health care.

Attractive, well made and sturdy, each basket is unique and are very popular and practical. Recently the women have started to make traditional rush mats as well.

The NGO helps the women to find a market for their baskets, locally, in the tourist industry and they are also are also marketed at a craft outlet in Dar es Salaam.

Self sufficiency and income generation are key projects in the overall programme and the Basket Weaving Cooperative is playing an important role in creating a future of health and hope for the community.   Photo

Chickens also have an important role to play!

The NGO supports a micro finance project enabling people to buy some hens, build a secure shelter for them and have the benefit of a food source, income from selling eggs and chicks and some really good manure for their crops. In time this project will become independent of NGO help, another ongoing result for future sustainability. Photo

As well as the principal three roads to recovery, The Children’s Village, Healthcare and Education the NGO works with the wider community, giving assistance wherever possible.

Mortality rate amongst working age population is high due to the spread of HIV/Aids and often there is no one who can repair the mud houses, they can completely disintegrate. Photo Leaving vulnerable families with no Shelter. Grandmothers, who are often the only ones left to care for their orphaned grandchildren, are too old to work their land and malnutrition results.

Often there is no income to buy shoes or essential clothing.

Alerted by the village elders or our outreach workers to their plight and thanks to our generous donors we can often help these needy people.

Before HIV/Aids tightened its stranglehold on their lives, a crisis such as this had never existed, people could feed themselves, the climate is benign, there is enough rainfall. Enough income could be earned through forestry or trade, the extended family cared for orphans and old people.

Our aim and vision is to restore the community to health and happiness.

Much has been accomplished already, but we still have a long way to go.

Please support us and help reach our goal.

Every penny, every pound, every donation is a step along the way.

Thank you so much.