Gloria had her Cleft Palate and Lip Surgery on 10th April 2019! She gained the desired weight of over 10kgs which has been quite difficult, besides enjoying her food and having a healthy appetite, she has a malabsorption problem so it has taken her a long time to gain the weight needed.  Her operation has been a success and returned home with House Mama Salome on Wednesday 17th April looking amazing. She will soon heal and start a new life of eating and breathing so much easier! She still had her stitches in this photo.

Gloria was born on 1st June 2016 and arrived at the Igoda Children’s Village three weeks later weighing less than 3kgs. Her mother has intellectual challenges, making her unable to care for her baby and she couldn’t feed well enough, the father is not involved in Gloria’s life. She had a cleft lip and partial cleft palate that extended slightly into her nasal cavity, making activities such as eating and breathing difficult for her. At the Children’s Village, Gloria was given round the clock care and gradually her health improved.


After a very successful appeal to replace Hezron’s Wheelchair, he was taken to the CCBRT Hospital in Dar-es-Salaam accompanied by Maneno Kalinga, his full-time carer and Joseph, his House Father, Social Welfare Officer and Counsellor,  where a team met up with him, assessed his disabilities, gave him some physiotherapy and fitted him for his wheelchair. See the video below of his first attempt to manoeuvre his chair which is very moving when you see his smile spread from ear to ear!

Hezron, who has Cerebral Palsy, has been at the Children’s Village since he was 10 years old, he is now 22 . He used to live with his grandmother as his sole carer, both Hezron’s parents died as well as all of his aunts. However, because he was unable to walk and had become too big to carry, his grandmother had to leave him at home most days on the mud floor. Due to his poor living conditions and compromised immunity, he became very sick and began to suffer. The Village Committee, along with his grandmother, decided it would be best if Hezron came to live at the Children’s Village where he could access educational opportunities, better healthcare services and be given the care he needed.

Today, he is thriving! Now we have a bigger bus Hezron can attend school at Madisi with his friends and other pupils from the CV where he can participate in activities to improve his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Maneno, performs physiotherapy exercises with him regularly and each month he is taken to the Mdabulo Care and Treatment Clinic (CTC) where he receives medication. Hezron will always have a home at The Igoda Children’s Village where he is relaxed and has many friends.

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