Flying Snakes & Green Turtles ~ Tanzania Up Close

‘Flying Snakes & Green Turtles – Tanzania Up Close’ This is the title of the book describing the life and adventures of Geoff Fox MBE and his wife, Vicky, founders of Foxes Community & Wildlife Conservation Trust (FCWCT) in Mufindi. There cannot be too many couples who can claim to have run an East African tea plantation, discovered the cause of a virulent cattle disease, fought off cattle and ivory poachers, help the local population fight off the deadly HIV/Aids, set up an orphanage, schools, extended and refurbished three remote hospitals, and a wildlife conservation program. But such is the life of Geoff and Vicky Fox and their story and so much more, some of which is extremely funny,  is outlined in this wonderful book.
I have been generously donated 24 copies by the author Evelyn Voight. £17 per book plus £2.80 postage in the UK. All proceeds go to OITW.

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